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An Entire Day of Virtual Events!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

9 am - 5 pm Eastern

Get an update on what’s going on around ICS/SCADA security. Learn about emerging techniques for defense & attack detection. Hear experts discuss the maturing threats, the overall ICS markets and answer questions from real asset owners like YOU!

This year, we have opened the event to asset owners, utilities, manufacturers, health care device managers and other involved in managing & securing ICS & SCADA assets. As such, we plan to have wider attendance than previous years, and we wanted management/IT/OT and teams to have access to the educational materials WITHOUT travel & without the scheduling nightmares of physical attendance!

Below is the schedule for the event (all times Eastern) Please click on the title of the event to register. (Sadly, you have to register & attend each session to get the appropriate CPE note for the session.):

9am - Brent Huston, MSI : Welcome & State of the Threat

10am - Landon Lewis, Pondurance : Open Source Log Collection, Analysis, and Visualization with the ELK Stack

11am - Pim Kennis, E&Y : Cyber-Economic Threats Against ICS

Noon - Bryan Fite : Simulating Cyber Operations: “Do you want to play a game?”

1pm - Twitter Q&A Hour : Use the hashtag #ICS2014

2pm - Panel : The Maturing ICS Security Market Space with John Davis (MSI), Josh Anderson/Josh Linville/Shawn  (NiSource) & Mike Radigan (ABB)

3pm - Chris Sistrunk, Mandiant : Network Security Monitoring for ICS

4pm - Jim Klun, MSI : Death By Silos: Information Sharing for IT/OT & Upper Management

We will also release several other podcasts, interviews and articles on the day of the event for the attendees.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call (614-351-1237) or contact us on Twitter (@microsolved). We will be happy to help!

Thanks & we appreciate any feedback about the event. We hope you enjoy the day’s events & content!

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