Security Assessments

MSI offers vulnerability, risk and technical assessments, as well as a variety of penetration testing.

Software &
Hardware Testing

Our testing lab brings you bleeding-edge security testing with proven, professional methodologies.

Process Security

Our business-focused security offering helps you protect your critical business operations.

Announcing A New Perspective On Information Security

MSI has the experience, ethics and commitment to excellence that you need in an information security partner.

For more than 20 years, clients have trusted MicroSolved, Inc. to help them defend their digital assets and do business more safely. From government agency needs and civic processes like voting, to keeping the water, power and gas flowing, our team has helped protect the most critical of processes. In the corporate world we have world-class experience in securing intellectual property, financial systems, retail environments and companies from small to large.

Today, MSI is an intentionally small company, laser focused on providing the most effective, rational and holistic security products and services available. At MSI, we care about you and your customers. We know that in an ever-changing world of growing technical complexity, you need a security partner who understands how to help. At MicroSolved, security means business, and our business is to help protect you.