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MSI has the experience, ethics and commitment to excellence that you need in a team of cyber security consultants.

Clients have trusted MicroSolved, Inc. for more than 25 years to help them defend their digital assets and safely conduct business. Everything from government agency needs and civic processes like voting, to keeping the water, power and gas flowing, our team has helped protect the most critical of processes. For our corporate clients, we have world-class experience in securing intellectual property, financial systems, retail environments and companies from small to large.

In fact, our firm has spent thousands of hours protecting financial data with credit unions, banks of all sizes, and wealth management companies. Our corporate experience scales from small critical infrastructure organizations to Fortune 500 firms with a focus on manufacturing, industrial control, high tech, fast food merchandising and science/think tank teams tasked with protecting some of the most important research on the planet.

MSI is an intentionally small company, laser focused on providing the most effective, rational and holistic cyber security products and services available. We know that in an ever-changing world of growing complexity, you need a team of cyber security consultants who understand how to help.

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At MicroSolved, we want to help. We live to assist clients with tackling big problems. We truly want to be your cyber security consultants of choice!

Why Customers have chosen msi for more than 25 years


World Class Expertise

Our team of cyber security consultants has led the industry for decades. Our lab has tested hundreds of networks, devices and applications for the most demanding use cases. Our threat intelligence and incident response capabilities have saved millions of dollars for our clients and more than a few lives.


Incredible Customer Experience

From scoping to communication throughout the project, our clients love working with us. You can even TALK to the cyber security consultants performing the technical work, if you choose. Clients continually rave about our reports and the depth of our analysis.


Unquestionable Ethics

We have worked on the most senstive networks and applications in the world. From banking to critical infrastructure and from voting to Congressional Testimony, our team is trusted to do what's right. We even won the BBB Torch Award as proof. That's just one of the many reasons why your peers have chosen us as their cyber security consultants of choice.

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