ACH & Wire Transfer Security Validation

MSI has industry-leading experience in testing ACH and Wire Transfer solutions. Our experience includes testing federal-level systems controlling wires, as well as a wide variety of dedicated wire transfer end-points and infrastructures. We have programmatically and technically tested a plethora of ACH solutions for governments, banks, credit unions and other companies who depend on ACH for a substantial part of their business.

We know that these systems are big money targets for criminal operations and we have focused security offerings to help organizations harden these processes against compromise. We have dedicated methodologies for performing risk, controls and programatic assessments. Our team can work with your team in an open manner to establish the baselines of expected operational security and measure the day-to-day work flows to identify potential gaps. Once catalogued, the issues can be prioritized and mitigated under our guidance.

On the technical front, our teams can perform focused penetration-testing and social engineering attacks against your money moving platforms to attempt real world exploitation techniques and common fraud scenarios. Together, MSI and your accounting team can work to improve, harden and better protect your bottom line against ACH and Wire fraud.

Lastly, in the event that a fraud event should occur, our incident response experts can help your team figure out what went wrong, how it happened and what to do about it. If you need assistance with ACH and Wire compromises, give us a call. We are here to lend our considerable expertise.

If you would like to discuss ACH and Wire security with our team of experts, reach out to an account executive to schedule a call with us. We look forward to working with you.