HoneyPoint Security Server

HoneyPoint Security Server™ is MSI’s patented platform of distributed honeypot technologies. Whether you are seeking a better way to do intrusion detection, a manageable tool for white listing or a bleeding edge mechanism for actively tampering with attackers during an incident, you have found what you are seeking.

HoneyPoint’s distributed sensing, modular nature allows it to be easily configured and deployed across nearly any environment. From traditional IT networks to point of sale, ICS/SCADA  to mission critical web applications, HoneyPoint has become the standard for nuance visibility and detection in depth strategies.

Today, there are HoneyPoint™ solutions for doing detection via:

  1. Host-based anomaly & white listing detection
  2. Fake network services on servers,  workstations & dedicated decoy appliances
  3. Emulated devices in ICS/SCADA and automation networks, including custom protocols
  4. Entirely mocked up web application traps
  5. Embeddable web elements designed to ensnare attackers inside of applications
  6. Trojan horse documents, applications and data streams to track & trace attackers
  7. Tools to detect sniffer attacks and credential stealing malware infections
  8. Black hole solutions for actively catching malware & stopping outbreaks
  9. Automated defensive techniques for protecting critical infrastructures & applications

HoneyPoint even offers an open data architecture which allows you to design your own nuance detection tools and send the data into HoneyPoint. Additionally, the same architecture allows your team to design their own custom code plugins to extend the logic and alerting functions of HoneyPoint in any way you choose.

Organizations around the world are using HoneyPoint Security Server on their critical systems, at network segmentation boundaries and spread amongst their production systems. HoneyPoint has been able to give them enhanced visibility, faster detections, less false positives and more rapid response capabilities to emerging threats. Clients credit HoneyPoints “Deploy and Forget” approach with saving them time and money. Since there are no signatures to update and no tuning to be performed, they make an excellent tool for gaining detection without inheriting headaches.

To learn more about HoneyPoint Security Server, the many use cases or to discuss the technical details of the platform, contact an account executive today to schedule a complimentary, no commitment consultation. White papers, documentation, online demos, pilot program details and a variety of other information is also available with an NDA.

** HoneyPoint is also available as a managed service directly from MSI or via select monitoring partners. **

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