Managed HoneyPoint

There can be little doubt about the efficacy of honeypots. Their history spans across time as one of the strongest forms of detection and defense. However, their complexity and high management overhead has made them difficult for many organizations to leverage in the digital information space.

No more. Since 2006, MSI has been deploying and managing our award winning honeypot platform, HoneyPoint Security Server for clients. Our managed service offerings around HoneyPoint easily let customers combine it with other technologies to build a customized “Detection in Depth” strategy. Some of the places clients drop in our honeypots:

  1. ICS & SCADA networks
  2. Point of Sale (POS) deployments
  3. Software development segments
  4. Key executive areas
  5. Jump hosts between enclaves
  6. DMZ & partner networks
  7. Anywhere enhanced nuanced visibility is needed

Our managed service allows for HoneyPoint Agent, HoneyPoint web applications, Trojans, Wasp and other components to be combined to build a customized approach for malicious activity detection and counter intelligence in your organization. You can use our expertise to abstract the complexity of design, implementation and monitoring, while still leveraging the historic power of honeypot defenses.

To read more about the HoneyPoint platform, click here. If your organization has a need for the ultimate in detection capability, sit down with an account executive and one of our HoneyPoint engineers today. With HoneyPoint protecting your data, attackers get stung, instead of you!