MSI Vigilance

MSI Vigilance is an exciting managed service offering for our clients. It allows them to pre-purchase a block of hours (at a discount) to be used monthly to supplement their existing security program. The hours can be used to task security engineers with specific technical needs ranging from device configuration reviews to basic assessments, or from training your team on a specific security skill to helping them patch and harden systems or devices.

Your team can also transfer those hours to our risk and policy/process team, tasking them to work on broader security undertakings to mature your organization against security baselines. They can consult with lines of business, engage in meetings with vendors, or mentor your up and coming IT staff members in information security.

Whatever your security needs are for the month, these hours can be used flexibly to help. You can call on the full resources of MSI and rest well, knowing that we have the experience and capability to bring out the best in your security program.

Our expert team has deep experience working remotely on a wide variety of projects and needs. We routinely lend a hand to clients around the world through this service, so the delivery model is mature and dependable. You can count on MSI Vigilance and depend on our 20+ years of excellence in information security.

For those organizations looking for a strong security partner to lean on for supplemental assistance, ongoing consulting or mentoring, this is the plan for you!

To discuss how MSI Vigilance can be tailored to meet your program's needs, get in touch with an account executive today. We can't wait to start working together to protect your data and your customers.