Pre-negotiation Intelligence

MSI’s pre-negotiation intelligence offering is designed to help the purchasing organization get a “hacker’s eye view” of their prospective new acquisition. This service leverages open source intelligence techniques such as:

  1. Passive assessments to help the purchasing company understand the security posture and technology footprint of the prospect
  2. Restricted individual tracing to ensure that none of the publicly identifiable stakeholders are forbidden entities or regulatory liabilities for the purchaser
  3. Supply chain analysis to ensure the safety & robustness of the prospect’s supply chain; this can help prevent the inheritance of single points of failure and conflicts of interest in the supply chain
  4. Key stakeholder profiling to take a deeper dive into the public data that surrounds the key stakeholders, from psychographics to potentially value damaging behaviors, MSI can use our open source intelligence tools to spot dangers among the prospect’s executive team
  5. History of compromise/breach research to help the purchaser in assessing the past security issues that might impact the confidentiality and integrity of the intellectual property that they are considering for investment; in today’s world, breached organization’s may have already lost that secret sauce to the underground, ultimately damaging the value of the IP to the purchaser
  6. General security consulting around technology maturity, scalability, etc. to help the purchaser in deterring if the technology they are considering for investment is viable for their plans

Before your organization approaches the prospect, work with MSI to get better insights, focus your perspective on valuation and make sure that you believe that the prospect is what it appears to be. Replace uncertainty in the M&A process with assurance and guesses with true evidential data. MSI can help you help the bottom line when it comes to M&A targeting. Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist with your next M&A initiative.