Accounting Systems Fraud Testing

Where do bad guys go when they target your organization? Experience shows that they go where the money is. Sometimes that is intellectual property or your customer list, but many times, it's where the real corporate dollars flow ~ the accounting systems.

If an attacker can exploit programatic or technical vulnerabilities in your accounting platforms, they can do serious damage and you may not know it for years, if ever. Millions of dollars in fraud and losses to the bottom line have been traced back to accounting system compromises. Sometimes the bad guys use social engineering, sometimes malware and occasionally, deep technical hacking, to get what they want. Either way, once they do, they drain hard earned dollars and euros from their victims.

MSI can help your organization protect against these issues by assessing and penetration testing your accounting controls, processes and platforms. We can programmatically examine risks associated with this critical business process, perform a gap analysis on your controls versus best-practices and other baselines and even target and attempt to compromise the systems in the same manner as an organized criminal effort would. In the end, we can help you harden and enhance the security posture of your accounting functions, provide additional areas for nuance detection and even work long term to help you monitor threats and manage risk over iterative changes.

Make no mistake, your accounting system is a target. With MSI's focused assessments and expert insights, we can help your organization better protect the bottom line. Sit down with an account executive to hear more about some of the ways that MSI can help you assess and harden the systems that manage your money.