Business Partner Assessments

Business partners, and especially those partners with interconnected IT access, can present severe risks to organizations. Many compromises originate in partner networks or leverage access granted to trusted business partners. Adding additional dangers, today's outsourced service and cloud models make understanding the security postures of partners who process your data for you absolutely critical. A breach in any of these partner environments can directly damage your organization.

MSI has been working with organizations to assess, manage and monitor partner risks for over 20 years. Our experts can take on some, or all, of your partner and vendor management security validation process. We have the experience and skills to help you start, improve or completely outsource your program.

Whether on a long term basis, or on an augmenting basis, our team can help you with vendor and partner assessments including:

    1. Risk assessments
    2. Vulnerability assessments
    3. Controls validation
    4. Vendor and partner security scoring methodologies
    5. Technical and social engineering penetration testing
    6. Passive assessments & open source intelligence analysis
    7. Compromise & breach historical analysis

If you have a need to build, improve or better support your vendor management and business partner security program, give an account executive a call today to discuss how MSI can lend a hand.