Business Focused Security

At MSI, we know security doesn’t exist for its own sake. The world cares about business and so do we. While our professional and managed service offerings easily empower lines of business to work with data more safely, we also offer some very specific business process focused security services.

Attackers and criminals go where the money is. They aren’t just aiming to steal your data for no reason, they want it because it has value. As such, we have tailored a specific set of security services around the areas where valuable data tends to congregate and the parts of the business we see the bad guys focus on most.

Lastly, we have also found several areas where the experienced eyes of security experts can lend extra value to the business. Sometimes you can truly benefit from a “hacker’s eye view” of things and where it’s a fit, we have extended our insights to empower your business.

Here are some of the business focused offerings MSI has developed: (all linked to their relevant pages below)

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practice including:
    1. Pre-negotiation intelligence
    2. Pre-integration assessments
    3. Post purchase threat intelligence
  2. Accounting systems fraud testing
  3. ACH & wire transfer security validation
  4. End-to-end EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) security testing
  5. Business partner assessments
  6. Supply chain assessments
  7. Executive cyber-protection

MSI knows that your business needs security around the most critical data and the places where bad guys can harm you the worst. We’ve built a wide variety of customized security solutions and offerings to help organizations harden, monitor and protect the most targeted areas of their organization. At MSI, we know that information security means business and with our focused security offerings, we are leading the security community into a new age.