Data Discovery and Mapping

It's hard to protect data when you don't know where it lives in your environment. These services are focused on identifying critical data throughout its lifecycle and graphically mapping network architectures, data flows, trust relationships and other critical knowledge. Mapping can be performed passively or actively, with active mapping being quicker and more accurate.

Some examples of mapping services we commonly perform:

  1. Architecture mapping for networks & application components
  2. Attack surface maps for networks, applications or components
  3. Data flow maps to demonstrate the lifecycle of important data assets
  4. Graphical mapping of trust to demonstrate authentication/authorization relationships
  5. Geo IP to data mapping to identify supply chain & vendor risks
  6. Threat actor & attack mapping to demonstrate hot spots of activity

Many of these mapping efforts are used to support risk assessment, demonstrate the need for policy and process changes or simply to help document an existing application or business practice.

Our experts also have passive mapping capabilities, as well as active and passive techniques for performing asset inventories on global networks. To learn more about our asset inventory techniques or to discuss an asset discovery engagement, please contact us.

Nothing works like a picture, and nothing demonstrates the reality of data flows and controls like a graphical map. To see how our mapping and inventory techniques can help you, please contact your account executive today. Together, we can find and represent your data in ways that make the most sense and make your life easier for today and tomorrow.