End-to-End EDI Security Validation

EDI has been around a long time. Our experts have been working with EDI, both privately and at various VANs for more than 30 years. While often complex and not-fully-understood, it represents a critical data flow for most organizations.

MSI has vast experience in EDI security. We understand the nuances of protecting EDI data and the risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability it encounters. We also have experience with EDI tampering, fraud and targeted attacks to interrupt mission critical supply processes.

Our team has developed a set of methodologies for performing programatic risk assessments, control reviews and technical penetration tests against EDI infrastructures. These engagements can help EDI dependent organizations identify, catalog and mitigate risk and vulnerabilities across their EDI processes. From ensuring proper access controls to measuring the resistance to direct EDI hacking, MSI can help your organization find and fix the holes that could hurt you.

We have experience in security testing transport mechanisms, translator applications, gateways and other EDI focused components. No matter how deep in the EDI process you want someone to review, our team has the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

To better understand the risks associated with your EDI data flows and processes, arrange for a call with one of our EDI security experts today. Your MSI account executive can get you connected with someone who speaks not just technology, but the underlying data that drives your business. At MSI, we practice security that means business and nowhere is that more apparent than in our EDI security practice.