Executive Cyber-Protection

Our team of security and fraud experts understand the role of the executive as seen through the eyes of criminals. Our experience with attacks targeting executive management are extensive and many of the stories are tragic and shocking.

Today, criminals, competitors and state actors target executives at home, at work, on the road and just about everywhere life takes them. MSI can help. We can work with your executives to help them harden their devices, better secure their home networks and understand the risks they face when traveling domestically and abroad.

Our team can help teach them what to watch for in different countries, what hardware and software they can depend on and what they should leave at home. We can mentor them in personal security and give them the knowledge they need to keep from becoming a headline.

MSI's executive protection services can extend more deeply through our personal consulting, mentoring and counter-intelligence capabilities. If your organization faces an executive threat or wants to provide your executive team with more protection, MSI can make it happen.

From social media reputational protection to defending them against social engineering and malware, MSI has the knowledge and experience that can make a difference. Give us a call today and we can get started better protecting your executive team against the threats they face now and the ones still over the horizon for tomorrow.