Incident Response, Forensics and Recovery

When things go wrong, a knowledgable, practiced response is the sure path forward. MSI has deep experience with incident handling, investigation and attack response. We have worked on incidents with local, regional, national and global elements, across a variety of verticals. Our deep knowledge of threat actors, attack techniques, exploit tools and malware have proven to be valuable for clients in their time of need.

MSI can assist your team or lead the incident response effort. We are comfortable with network, system, application and device investigations. We have a wide variety of forensics capability and a strong network of partners to lean on for independent third-party analysis and technical assistance with rapid mitigation efforts.

Our incident response methodology allows for different approaches depending on your intent to prosecute. If litigation is your intent, then data integrity and chain of evidence management is of the highest priority. However, we also have methodologies for efforts where legal considerations are of less concern than rapid response, containment and business recovery.

If you need assistance in an incident, regardless of your architecture or complexity (including ICS/SCADA deployments), give us a call. Our expert advice can be accessed virtually to support your team, or we can scramble a physical response to lead an investigation effort. Your account executive can arrange for a one-time incident handling engagement or for a retainer-based incident support and team mentoring role.

MSI also offers counter-intelligence and sting operations for those organizations seeking to actively tamper with ongoing attacks, fraud or other incidents. If you would like to discuss the opportunities for active defense, please arrange for a consultation with one of our experts.