Innovations and Awards

MSI has a strong history of leadership in the Information Security Community. Our expertise has been widely recognized and our 20+ year history makes us one of the oldest information security boutiques in the United States.

Over the years we have received a variety of accolades, including:

  1. The Better Business Torch Award for Ethics
  2. US Department of Energy Gold Medal for Service to the DOE security program
  3. Service recognition from the Ohio Secretary of State for our leadership in Project EVEREST, which tested Ohio's voting systems
  4. Several awards from various Law Enforcement agencies for our work on malware, forensics, threat intelligence and incident response
  5. A Letter of Recognition from the US Department of Energy for our incident handling and reverse engineering of malware threats
  6. ISC2 awarded us the Community Service Award and recognized our CEO, Brent Huston, as the runner up Senior Information Security Practitioner for the Americas
  7. ISSA has recognized our founder, Brent Huston, as a Senior Member
  8. We have been awarded two US patents for our work on HoneyPoint Security Server
  9. Our team has also taught a variety of college-level and professional courses around information security topics
  10. We have received a variety of accolades for innovation and business awards around our HoneyPoint Security Server, Proto-Predator and TigerTrax product offerings
  11. Our team members have been chosen to speak at a variety of industry events, including international board-level events and security-focused events, we routinely keynote and lead training sessions on cyber-crime, privacy, security, fraud and technical topics

MSI is proud of our history and our contributions to the community. We look forward to servicing you today and into the future.