Managed Services

MSI offers a variety of managed services to our clients. We believe that the threats faced by organizations today require a flexible, experienced and up-to-the-moment skilled security team. As such, we try and engage with our clients to supplement their in-house teams or extend their existing IT focused operations into the security realm.

MSI can provide your organization with the following managed services, as an example (Click for more details):

  1. Ongoing global vulnerability assessments, both external and internal, which allows organizations to better manage their security posture
  2. Managed HoneyPoint™ detection tools which helps clients identify suspicious and malicious activity in and around their networks, applications and devices
  3. Persistent Penetration Testing (PPT) which allows organizations with mature security programs to continually measure their performance against persistent threats from a simulated, focused, well resourced adversary
  4. MSI Vigilance which allows clients to pre-purchase a block of consulting hours (at a great savings) per month and use MSI expertise as needed to support their initiatives
  5. Virtual CISO which is designed to allow an organization to outsource as much of their information security program as desired, up to and including the full effort in its entirety, to MSI and our trusted partners

Whether your team is small and IT focused, or a team of fully seasoned infosec veterans, MSI has the skills and service set to help you reach your program's goals. We are here to help your team succeed!

To learn more about integrating our managed services into your information security program, arrange for a discussion with your account executive. We will be more than happy to help you create a customized roadmap to stronger security for your organization and your customers.