Policy and Process Security

We know that security is a human process and that the foundation of information protection starts with people. As such, MSI has a fully mature practice around policy and process security. Our team of policy and operational security experts can help your organization with:

  1. Policy creation, review and enhancements
  2. Regulatory requirement or policy baseline assessments
  3. Creation, review and enhancement of process documentation
  4. Table top exercises to test policy versus operational processes
    1. For example: Disaster recovery, incident response, business continuity, etc.
  5. Refinement and improvement of operational security controls
  6. Controls validations, enhancement advice and mitigation strategies
  7.  Ongoing policy consulting, improvement & testing

The MSI team has created a variety of policy components for organizations focused on:

  2. PCI DSS
  3. ISO Standards
  6. Various State, Federal and Local regulatory baselines

To find out more about how our team can assist you with your policy and process security needs, please contact your account executive for a free consultation.