Pre-Integration Assessments

For many years, MSI has worked with companies during the M&A process to perform security testing, mitigation advice and security program oversight as the new company prepares for integration with their new peer IT environment. This is an often complex, and sometimes politically difficult, process for many organizations.

MSI can tear down the security posture of the newly acquired organization and carefully match it up with the operational baselines of the purchaser. We can provide a gap analysis, mitigation and hardening advice and a road map for ramping up the security posture to expected levels to allow for safe interconnection and operational integration.

Our teams can measure and monitor the security of the Internet exposed systems, internal and partner networks across a variety of platforms and architectures. MSI is used to operating in complex, multi-national and mixed sensitivity environments, which makes our team's experience a unique differentiator.

If the purchased company has a platform of web applications that are critical for the business operations, MSI can assess the security of these implementations and provide guidance for better protecting the underlying data where needed. Our experience with highly complex hardware and software testing extends well to helping a purchasing company quickly find the areas of highest risk and greatest ROI for mitigation.

In the end, MSI can perform high level security mentoring or deep level operational security assistance to the prospect to help them quickly come into compliance with the purchaser's baselines and regulatory requirements. Additionally, MSI can help the purchaser decide when the risk levels are appropriate for interconnection and provide technical and programatic security assurances to the board to support those initiatives and data points.

To learn more about how our organization can help you reduce the risk of your M&A integrations, give us a call today. We look forward to helping your business succeed in its new ventures!