Professional Services

MicroSolved, Inc. is one of the oldest information security professional services organizations in the country. MSI was founded in 1992 to provide world-class security testing and consulting to clients interested in better protecting their data assets. Today, MSI offers clients a wide variety of professional services aimed at helping organizations leverage technology safely to empower their businesses.

The MSI professional service offerings include:

  1. Assessments & Penetration Testing - These services are focused on finding the vulnerabilities in organizations, networks or applications. We catalog them, analyze them, exploit them (if desired) and provide clear, concise, prioritized mitigation advice for helping clients protect their information and better secure their businesses.
  2. Risk Assessments & Risk-Focused Consulting - Our risk focused services take a more holistic view of information security. They are often combined with our technical assessments for immense detail, but can be performed stand-alone as well for high-level views of security postures and recommended improvements in security practices.
  3. Policy & Process Security - Our experts can work with your team to assess, document and improve the operational security of your critical business processes. We can help with increasing preventative and detective mechanisms, or can create/review/enhance existing policies, procedures or documentation.
  4. Data Discovery & Mapping - It's hard to protect data when you don't know where it lives in your environment. These services are focused on identifying critical data throughout its lifecycle and graphically mapping network architectures, data flows, trust relationships and other critical knowledge.
  5. Technical & Executive Consulting - Our team of experts can also perform more specific or nuanced security tasks. If you have a specific concern or project that needs a helping hand from a skilled information security practitioner, or needs the independent oversight of a 3rd party, MSI can help. Sit down with your account executive to put together a specific scope of work focused on your specific needs.
  6. Training & Mentoring - MSI strongly believes in knowledge transfer & mentoring. It has been a tradition at MSI since the beginning. Our unique one-on-one or group training can be defined around a variety of security topics. We also have a defined mentoring process that allows for organic growth of client skills and leadership capability. At MSI, we make rock star security teams, and we have history to prove it.
  7. Incident Response, Forensics & Recovery - When things go wrong, MSI is there for you. We have experience working with incidents, both large and small. From malware infections to active attacker tracing and defense, our knowledge can help your organization isolate, investigate and recover from compromises.

Click on any of the services above to get more detail. For a specific quote or to work with an account executive to create a customized scope of work, simply get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and lend assistance in whatever way we can.