The ProtoPredator family of products are exclusively focused on providing tools and mechanisms for the deep testing of critical infrastructure devices. The tool set is focused on testing communication attack surfaces and their protocols.

The first release, ProtoPredator for Smart Meters (PP4SM), performs bleeding edge fuzzing against the optical interface and specifically the ANSI C12.18 protocol suite. The tool can be used by a professional tester to easily test for implementation problems like:

  1. Improper authentication
  2. Input validation issues
  3. Improper logging
  4. Protocol violations
  5. Insecure configuration
  6. Alerting and reporting problems

ProtoPredatorĀ® for Smart Meters includes a mechanism for manually constructing arbitrary packets and delivering them to the meter, an automated fuzzing mechanism for the protocol and the ability to build and replay sessions of packets to either stress test the meter or perform regression testing against new software versions or configurations.

In the hands of a knowledgable tester,ProtoPredatorĀ® for Smart Meters makes it easy to test for, isolate, demonstrate and verify security and configuration issues so that they can be mitigated long before the devices are deployed in the field.

For more information on PP4SM, you can download the flyer here.To discuss purchase of the ProtoPredator tools, please contact your account executive to begin the qualification and validation process.**

Other family member products in use in our lab, but not yet released for customer purchase include:

  1. ProtoPredator for Raw Serial, focused on serial interface testing & proprietary protocol discovery, exploration and testing
  2. ProtoPredator for DNP3, focused on deep testing of the DNP3 protocol implementations
  3. A variety of other custom and proprietary ProtoPredator proto-types for various critical infrastructure systems and protocols we are researching

**Note: The ProtoPredator family of products are not available for public use. Qualifying clients may purchase the products for use in their labs, research or testing. Purchasers will be strictly validated prior to purchase to ensure that they are either a utility, manufacturer or qualified testing lab. We do not release our critical infrastructure tools to the public to prevent attacks, fraud or device tampering that could be dangerous for our clients. MSI reserves the right to refuse purchase of the ProtoPredator products by anyone for any reason.

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