Software and hardware testing lab

MSI has built a reputation that spans decades in and around testing hardware and software for information security. Our methodology, experience and capability provides for a unique value to our customers. World-class assessments from the chip and circuit levels all the way through protocol analysis, software design, configuration and implementation are what we bring to the table.

Some of the many types of systems that we have tested:

  1. Consumer electronics
  2. Home automation systems
  3. Voice over IP devices
  4. Home banking solutions
  5. Wire transfer infrastructures
  6. Mobile devices
  7. Mobile applications
  8. Enterprise networking devices (routers, switches, servers, gateways, firewalls, etc.)
  9. Entire operating systems
  10. ICS and SCADA  devices, networks and implementations
  11. Smart grid technologies
  12. Gaming and lottery systems
  13. Identification management tools
  14. Security products
  15. Voting systems
  16. Industrial automation components
  17. Intelligence systems
  18. Weapon systems
  19. Safety and alerting tools
  20. And much much more…

To find out more about our testing processes, lab infrastructure or methodologies, talk to your account executive today. They can schedule a no charge, no commitment, no pressure call with the testing engineer and a project manager to discuss how your organization might be able to benefit from our experience.

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