Software and Tools

MSI has developed a wide range of technical tools and processes over the last 20+ years. Some of the tools are commercial products, while much of our work has been released in a variety of open licenses back to the community. MSI has a proud tradition of community support and contribution and our work shows it.

Innovative Commercial Products

HoneyPoint Security Server is our patented distributed honeypot detection solution. It is an entire platform of controls dedicated to making it easy for organizations to create nuance-based detection in depth across their most sensitive assets.

ProtoPredator is our proprietary family of tools focused on deep testing of critical infrastructure protocols and attack surfaces. Our first public release in the family is ProtoPredator for Smart Meters, which is focused on providing a truly professional grade testing tool for optical interfaces on smart grid devices. Unreleased, but used in our own testing lab is ProtoPredator for Raw Serial, aimed at testing serial protocols and ProtoPredator for DNP3, focused on deep analysis of DNP3 implementations on equipment.

HoneyPoint Personal Edition is our personal HoneyPoint tool for researchers or those interested in trying out basic honeypot techniques. It is a light version of HoneyPoint that combines the console and agent functionality into a single install for Windows and Linux. You can purchase the product or give it a try by clicking the link above.

Community Tools

Our free tools for the community are available here , and include popular software offerings like MSI Simple Phish, the DREAD calculator and Brain Web Scanner.

Our community tools page also includes links to our research and assistance projects for the community, including The 80/20 Rule for Information Security, the Stolen Data Impact Model (SDIM) project, Monique (our malware strings analysis tool) and the Community license model for HoneyPoint. New projects are added to this part of the site as they emerge.