Supply Chain Assessment

With the rise of global business models and the growing dependence on international manufacturing, software development and product assembly, the security of the supply chain continues to increase in importance. Today, it is a complex web of organizations that bring a product to market.

Adding to the complexity, an ever evolving system of governmental, legal, environmental and regulatory concerns continue to muddy the waters. Building a global business is hard. MSI understand this difficulty and we have built methodologies and engagement models to help.

At MSI, our team speaks global business. We have built unique capabilities that allow us to offer specifically focused approaches to supply chain security. Here is a short list of some of the services we perform for our clients:

  1. Trace supply chain companies, inter-relationships and dependencies to identify potential single points of failure
  2. Identify potentially risky or dangerous organizations (banned organizations, suspected ties to banned groups, corporate espionage)
  3. Passive assessments of the organizations to identify potential points of exposure of the primary organizations data (rate current security posture & compromise history)
  4. Gather and analyze social components on the suppliers to identify illicit information leaks that could expose primary company data
  5. Monitor these conditions in an ongoing fashion
  6. Deeper dive into specific concerns as a consulting engagement using counter intelligence techniques

Our team can help your team find supply chain trouble spots and weaknesses. We can work together to head off potentially damaging reputational impacts, legal or regulatory issues and maybe even prevent a breach of your IP. To hear more about our supply chain focused engagements, talk with your account executive today.