Technical and Executive Consulting

MSI offers a wide variety of information security, risk and threat intelligence consulting. We are comfortable working with clients from the server room to the board room. If you need an experienced information security expert at your side, give us a call. Here are some ideas for the more common services we offer in general consulting engagements:

Technical Consulting

  1. Architecture reviews and segmentation strategies (enclaving)
  2. Cryptography and key management assistance
  3. Device configuration reviews & advice
  4. Egress filtering implementation & enhancement
  5. Security program development & strengthening
  6. Custom security training
  7. Wardialing/dial-up/VoIP fraud & abuse
  8. Pre-purchase product testing &“bake offs”
  9. Single device (phone, tablet, automation component, network gear) pen-testing
  10. Security team innovation, efficiency & resource management training

Executive Consulting

  1. Mentoring & skills development
  2. Ongoing liaison between technical teams & management/boards
  3. Threat education & custom speaking engagements
  4. Audit/regulatory preparation & response
  5. Expert testimony
  6. Table top exercises for information security training
  7. Executive cyber-safety (including foreign travel prep) briefings & training
  8. Industrial espionage investigation & counter-intelligence operations
  9. Internal investigations & sting operations
  10. Executive reputational attack & fraud assistance

MicroSolved has 20+ years experience in working with clients around the globe. We are world-recognized practitioners with a strong history of ethics, effectiveness and trust. With MSI in your corner, you can focus on your business, instead of your risks, threats & vulnerabilities. To learn more about our professional consulting engagements, give an account executive a call.