Threat Intelligence

MSI offers a unique threat intelligence service to clients, combining the power of our proprietary TigerTrax™ platform and the revolutionary data gathering tools of our HoneyPoint Security Server product. We believe that true actionable threat intelligence is much more than just a feed of vulnerability announcements and news flashes about what is going on at hacker conferences (everyone has access to RSS feeds, right?).

Instead, we work with your security team to identify the attack surfaces and threat vectors you are most concerned about. We then set out to use our tools to monitor for attacker conversations and data gathering around those critical points. By leveraging our customized HoneyPoint tools, we can begin to track attacker interest in your organization, profile those actors and provide you with meaningful data that can be used to tune and tweak your defenses.

The services also allow for counter-intelligence and sting operations for those organizations who wish to take a more aggressive and pro-active approach to handling attacks. In many cases, these techniques can provide law enforcement with the information they need to take action directly against the criminals involved.

Additionally, our team can work with your organization during attack incidents, to assist with various types of attacker tampering in real time. For example, we have developed techniques that can be used to slow down attacks, return false data to scanning tools and impact the economic return on attacking your organization. In some cases, these techniques have been used to force attackers to move on to less defended organizations to perform their activities.

To discuss your particular threat intelligence needs or some of the active tampering defenses we have developed, please get in touch with your account executive.