Virtual CISO

Through our Virtual CISO/CSO offering, MSI will perform any or all of the duties a CISO or CSO would normally undertake. We have acted in this role for many years across a variety of companies, both large and small. Our experience and ease of communication easily let us shift from the server room to the board room. At MSI, information security means business, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our Virtual CISO clients.

Here are some examples of what MSI can do for you:

  1. Review any part or all of your organization's information security program for compliance with regulation, standards and policy, then, if needed, develop a road map and strategy for bringing your security situation into line with requirements
  2. Present your security posture and plans for the future to your organization's Board of Directors or other concerned bodies such as government regulators
  3. Assess the information security skills of your IT department personnel and develop a program of education and cross training designed to provide them with skills necessary to protect your private information in the increasingly dangerous computer processing climate of today
  4. Handle your organizations vendor management program. MSI will validate, track and maintain your organization's relationships with third party service providers and vendors
  5. Develop and monitor your organization's multi-media information security and awareness program
  6. Review your organization's written information security program, then, if needed, develop a road map and strategy for bringing your written information security program in line with requirements
  7. Develop and monitor your organization's threat monitoring and risk assessment program
  8. Review or develop your organization's information security incident response program
  9. Develop and train your organization's information security incident response team
  10. Review and monitor your organization's business continuity/disaster recovery program to ensure the adequacy and security of the program
  11. Review or monitor your organization's network security program including system and event monitoring, network segmentation and enclaving, access control and authorization processes, egress filtering, anomaly detection, privilege control, and more
  12. Attend meetings, representing your organization to regulators, auditors, partners and even law enforcement
  13. Deeply engage and participate in helping your organization leverage technology, people and processes in a safe and secure manner across your lines of business

Pick your own service! Don't see the service you need in the list above? MSI will work with you to provide the information security service you need. An account executive can get you started and our security engineers will help you fully identify the scope of the engagement. With MSI's world-class security experts on your team, you can focus on the core business needs and leave protecting your data to us.