Vulnerability Management

MSI has the capability to perform ongoing, periodic and single instance vulnerability assessments against Internet exposed and internal networks, regardless of their size and complexity. To do so, we leverage our Distributed Assessment Platform (“DAP”), which uses a proprietary back-end to integrate several different commercial and open source assessment tools. The DAP allocates these tools against targets, based on the work plan and their characteristics, then leverages analytics and correlation techniques to align the data and remove both false positives and false negatives to the greatest extent possible. Added to the toolset are customized assessment tools focused on bringing the bleeding edge threat techniques discovered in our HoneyPoint Internet Threat Monitoring Environment (“HITME”) to bear against your assets. This helps us ensure that our clients have up to the moment protections in place versus the emerging threats active on the public Internet.

This unique approach, based on our long standing research work with the US Department of Energy, allows MSI to bring affordable, highly accurate, scalable vulnerability management techniques to nearly any organization. Our teams combine the best in technology, with a 10+ year mature methodology for doing assessments to create the highest value for our clients.

Today, you can get scans anywhere, with costs approaching free. But, the old axiom is still true, “you get what you pay for.” With MSI in your corner, you can rest assured that our technology, know how and experience will have you covered. Our managed services are in use around the globe, from Fortune 50 clients to small businesses with a need to protect their data. What do they have in common? They get the best asset discovery, vulnerability cataloging and the strongest reporting that they can depend on to make sure their business stays, “their business…”

Further, our managed assessment clients still enjoy direct access to engineers to discuss special concerns, outbreak situations, emerging threats and more. No need for a web portal, or a complicated contact form, with MSI, your security engineers are just a call or quick email away. Real people, serving real people. That’s the level of commitment you can expect from MSI.

To discuss managed network (internal or external), wardialing, web application assessments or other specific vulnerability management needs, sit down with an account executive today.  They will be happy to  discuss more deeply how we can create a powerful, customized, scalable solution focused on answering your individual needs.